Technical expert of drilling technology

Employer:CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited(CCDC)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Chengdu, Sichuan, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Oil & gas well engineering

Remuneration:Division-Head level, salary negotiable

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Job responsibilities
Top level design: ●Carry out scientific and technological innovation, promote new drilling technics and new technology, and offer decision-making consultation on promoting technological progress. Formulate drilling speed improvement models in certain block and improve them continuously. Work out technical scheme for safe drilling of deep and ultra-deep wells. Draw up downhole complex control objectives and control measures. Cultivate high quality talent of drilling engineering and improve company’s technical strength and management ability. Key specific tasks: ●Carry out research on technical challenges of low drilling speed, poor orientation and insufficient combination of drilling tool assembly in the ultra-deep and highly deviated horizontal well, and work out a mature technical scheme for ultra-deep and highly deviated horizontal well drilling during the term of office. Increase the drilling speed by more than 10% year by year. ●Research on tackling key problems in Sichuan and Chongqing ultra-deep complex wells with frequent lost circulation and high NPT. First, carry out research on optimization of well bore structure, seal the low-pressure leakage section and complex section with casing, and solve those problems from wellbore design. Second, carry out research on deep well lost control technology to improve lost control one time success rate. Third, carry out special research on complex well control, prevent complex from happening by using new methods and new tools, target of control should be under 7%. ●Improve the pressure control drilling and completion technology of narrow density window in deep and ultra-deep wells in Sichuan and Chongqing area. Carry out research on safe drilling and pressure control drilling during tripping in narrow density formations of Dengying Formation of Gaoshiti Moxi structure and Xujiahe Maokou Formation of Shuangyushi structure, so as to solve the problems of blowout, leakage and high well control pressure. ●Carry out research on shale gas, tight gas and shale oil drilling speed acceleration technology in Sichuan and Chongqing area to set up tight gas and shale oil drilling speed acceleration technology and safe drilling model. ●Actively carry out scientific research projects and establish projects to tackle key problems and difficulties in drilling process. Such as lost control technology, development of new tools (torque unblocking tools) to deal with drilling tool sticking, etc. Tangible achievements to be completed during employment period: ●Build up a model with improved block drilling speed acceleration and safe drilling technology; Revise, improve and form drilling operation procedures and standards. ●Analyze, summarize and draw lessons from down hole complex experience, and publish an Issue of Downhole Complex Specials of Chuanxi Drilling Company. ●Complete video training materials on drilling technology and complex prevention and treatment. ●Take the lead in completing more than three scientific research projects, form practical scientific research achievements with independent intellectual property rights, publish papers and apply for patents. Plans for academic exchanges to be carried out during the appointment period: ●Organize 3-5 drilling technology exchanges with other drilling related companies every year; Organize 1-2 regional technical exchange meetings of the company. ●At least two drilling technology training lectures shall be carried out every year for drilling experts, drilling technology management personnel, drilling technicians from the field, etc. Training agreement and talent training: ●During the employment period, 3-5 personnel shall be trained on drilling engineering management ability, so as to gradually improve the technical ability of drilling process management of the trained personnel.

Working experience and years: ●Hold formal scientific research or teaching positions in international well-known enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, have experience in national and enterprise key scientific research projects;have good professional influence in the fields of natural science and engineering technology. Education requirements: ●Ph.D. required. If graduating from colleges and universities in China, the institution must be ranked as a National Key Universities (project 985 or 211) or Double First-Class universities. If graduating from foreign universities, the institution must be among the top 500 Thames (refer to the data in 2021). Capability requirements: ●Young top-notch talents at home and abroad with great academic potential, high-level research achievements in teaching and scientific research, and the ability and potential to help the team catch up with or maintain the international advanced level. Qualification certificate, award and paper publication: ●Awarded with provincial and ministerial level awards, obtained national major projects, NSFC and other grants, published 5 or more high-level SCI papers as the first author, and has good scientific research performance and the ability to undertake scientific research tasks independently.

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