CEI-Expert in new material technology

Employer:China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Co.,Ltd.(HQC)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Qingdao, Shandong, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Petrochemicals

Remuneration:Executive the remuneration of high-level talents introduction, implement agreement wage systems, unified payment of social insurance and housing provident fund etc., other welfares refer to the relevant provisions of nation and company.

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Job responsibilities
Lead and carry out the following scientific research projects, and promote their transformation into applicable engineering technologies, play a full role of professional leaders, and do a good job in personnel training. ●Research and development of new materials for CO2 preparation and industrial application. ●Technology R&D and industrial application for such special carbon-based new materials as carbon fiber, high performance graphite, silicon carbide, etc. ●Technology R&D and industrial application of degradable plastics including Light, biological, carbon dioxide based, thermoplastic starch resin, etc. ●Technology R&D and industrial application related with 0ther new materials.

●Graduated from famous universities (research institutions) in chemical engineering and other related majors, and obtained the doctoral degree. ●With working experience in national and enterprise key scientific research projects, has a high reputation in the field of natural science and engineering technology. One of the following conditions must be met: ●National Young Scientist Award, National Science and Technology Award (National Natural Science Award, National Technological Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award) (Top 10). ●Outstanding Youth Winner of National Natural Science Foundation of China. ●Project leader or principal investigator for the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) and the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program). ●Director or principal member of the national level laboratory or technical research center. ●An associate professor (senior engineer) or equivalent in well-known enterprises, universities and research institutions, and has presided over national scientific research projects. In the past five years, published one (1) ESI highly cited academic paper as the first author in this field, or more than four (4) papers in top journals of this discipline.

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