Strategic Scientist for FSRU Design

Employer:China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPP)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Langfang, Hebei, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Master degree

Area of expertise:Surface construction and oil & gas storage and transportation


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Job responsibilities
●Guide the development direction and strategic planning of offshore engineering and equipment. ●Leading the plan and implementation of offshore engineering and equipment technology development, leading the team to carry out technical research, in order to enable the team members to have technical capabilities and achieve corresponding deliverables and its application. ●Responsible for the check and review of key technical issues in the feasibility research, FEED, and detail design of offshore engineering and equipment projects. ●Assist in market development and customer maintenance for offshore engineering and equipment business.

Work experience: ●20 years of experience in offshore engineering. ●Achieve major academic achievements recognized in the world. ●Grasp the development trend of science and technology and the strategic needs of energy. Educational requirements: ●Master degree graduated from 2020 Times World Ranking's top 100 universities or domestic 985, 211, double first-class universities. Language requirement: ●Proficient in English, use English as work language.

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