Expert of Digital and Intelligent

Employer:CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited(CCDC)

Number of recruits:2


Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Information engineering

Remuneration:Division-Head wage level, other benefits negotiable

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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: ●Top-level design, technical support and consulting for QHSE management information system. ●Carry out QHSE top-level design of informatization management technical support. ●Carry out technical support and consulting work. ●Carry out the work of building the framework of the information system.

Work experience : ●10-15 years of work experience. ●Work experience in smart hardware, data analysis, data collection and data mining. ●Work experience in field of QHSE and AI is preferred. College & Educational requirements: ●Ph.D. Work ability requirements: ●Can build SAAS from 0 to 1. ●Can train technical talents. ●Can integrate multiple resources. ●Can independently carry out research and projects. ●Can lead a team to implement a project. Certificate of competency, Awards & Publications: ●Patentee or those with high-quality publications are preferred.

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