Expert in market research on chemical products

Employer:China National Petroleum Corporation

Number of recruits:1

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Petrochemicals


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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: ●Conducting market research on chemical products. Predict and analyze market price and need through mathematical model. ●Establishing a model-based technology framework of chemical market research. ●Building a research team to plan, supervise, and coordinate the research work.

Work experience: ●More than 8 yearsworking experiences in domestic and/or foreign major enterprises (chemical sales sector or similar), chemical trading enterprises, research institutes (including colleges or universities), or futures and securities companies, in the fields of market research and forecasting. College & Educational requirements: ●PhD or related degree from top domestic or foreign universities, related to Petroleum/ Chemical Engineering/Data Analysis. Work ability requirements: ●Familiar with the research on chemical market; capable of analyzing the factors affecting markets, collecting data, and extracting key information; proficient in modeling and forecasting chemical market ; well known in the industry. With similar qualifications, experience in machine learning and big data computing is preferred.

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