Chief Technical Expert of Oil and Gas Field Geological Exploration

Employer:Yumen Oilfield

Number of recruits:1

Location:Jiuquan, Gansu, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Geological exploration

Remuneration:Based on signed work responsibility;Project-oriented and market-oriented;Specific matters negotiable

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Job responsibilities
●Formulate major scientific and technological development plans in the professional field, propose directions for technological innovations, lead the selection, establishment, implementation, summary and acceptance of major scientific research projects; undertake oilfield risk exploration studies and demonstrations. ●Undertake the research and development of core or unique technologies in the professional field, solve the bottle-neck problems emerging during the research or production in both oilfields and other new areas, that restrict the breakthrough of oil and gas exploration; lead the key research projects above the company level, lead the technical innovations in sedimentary reservoir, hydrocarbon accumulation and target evaluation, complete annual work tasks and hit the target for assessment. ●Keep track of the latest technological development in the professional fields around the world, provide forward-looking suggestions and opinions on the current situation of Yumen Oilfield Company from time to time. ●Undertake personnel training; lead domestic and foreign academic exchanges and technological innovation.

●Have innovative and strategic thinking, have a title of professor or other senior titles in technical fields in world-famous enterprises, universities or research institutes. ●Have experience of undertaking national key scientific research projects or have achieved outstanding accomplishments in the field of talent training. ●Ph.D.

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