Chief technical expert of drill bit

Employer:CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited(CCDC)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Sichuan province,CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Mechanics

Remuneration:Deputy general manager wage level

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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: Key Accountabilities: ●Carry out R&D on oil & gas drilling bit and trenchless engineering reaming bit regarding manufacturing technology and materials selection. ●Take the lead to organize key scientific research projects of national major projects, national key R&D program and major engineering technology projects of CNPC, focus on modeling and analysis of drilling bit, rock cutting mechanism and intelligent rock breaking mechanism, and research on design, manufacturing process and materials selection; R&D of efficient PDC bit, PDC-cone composite bit, intelligent bit and other new bits, make continuous improvement and promote application in fields. ●Research on the cutting-edge technology of bit, implement the transition to new materials and new technology for bit manufacturing in real time, and ensures high quality and efficient production of bit.

Work experience: ●At least 10 years of experience in any well-known international oil company or oil service company. ●Experienced in bit modeling, mechanical analysis, rock breaking mechanism and bit design. ●Experience as a Senior Professional Technician in any well-known international oil service company or scientific research institution. ●Took charge of research in rock breaking bit and trenchless reaming bit, or engaged in the prospective and innovative research of efficient rock breaking technology for a long time, and achieved significant technical achievements. College & Educational requirements: ●Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering/Mechanical Design or equivalent. Work ability requirements: ●Proficient in English as a working language. Professional Certifications: ●More than 10 papers published in SCI or EI journals about rock breaking bit and trenchless engineering reaming bit.

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