Chief technologist of artificial intelligence application in Petroleum Engineering

Employer:CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd.(CPET)

Number of recruits:2

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Information engineering


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Job responsibilities
●To finalize strategic research and top-level design of AI application in petroleum engineering. ●To organize medium and long term development plans. To provide consultancy services for frontier technologies and systematic program frames. ●To carry out forward-looking researches (including but not limited to system architecture, intelligent modeling, etc.) of cutting-edge technologies, such as big data, machine learning and cloud computing in the field of oil and gas well engineering. ●To lead R&D research projects of AI application in the field of oil and gas well engineering. ●To debottleneck key challenges and obstacles in AI application in the field of oil and gas well engineering. ●To formulate training plans for all-rounded digital talents, and form a world-class AI research team on oil and gas well engineering.

●Has obtained a PhD. from a renowned university in China or abroad. ●Has over 20 years of experience in research of AI algorithms/applications, or any discipline related to drilling and completion. ●Has obtained a senior technical position in a well-known oil and gas enterprise, research institution or AI related company, with outstanding scientific achievements and contributions, as well as significant influence in the AI related domain. ●Proficiency in oral and written English.

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