Expert of Catalytical Materials

Employer:PetroChina Company Limited Petrochemical Research Institute(PRI)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Oil & gas well engineering


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Job responsibilities
Job Description: ●Focusing on the separation of light hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, methane, etc., implement the design, synthesis, and scale-up of high-efficiency separation materials, and the development of separation processes. ●Focusing on design, synthesis, and scale-up of high-efficiency separating or catalytical materials, such as MOF membranes, and study the production technology of membrane modules and membrane reactors. ●Focusing on the catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide, methane, etc., implement the design of high-efficiency catalytic materials, the study of the corresponding component morphology, thermo-/photo-/electrocatalytic performance, and the investigation of reaction mechanisms. ●Focusing on industrialization of the relevant catalysts. ●Responsible for Team Development, Platform Construction in Catalyst Division, etc.

Work Experience & Requirements: ●Holding research position at well-known global companies/corporations, universities, and/or research institutes. ●Experienced in leading/participating in key national/corporate research projects on catalytic cracking. ●Reputation in the relevant field in academia/industry. Academic Degree Requirement: ●Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Technology, or Chemistry Languages: ●Proficient in English. Professional Certificates, Honors & Awards, and Publication Records: ●Certificate of associate professorship or equivalent technical title. ●5 publications in the core journals in the last 5 years.

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