Pipeline Welding Robot Technology Expert

Employer:China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPP)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Langfang, Hebei, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Surface construction and oil & gas storage and transportation


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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: Key Accountabilities: ●Analyzing existing welding process parameters through machine learning, deep learning, data mining and so on, establishing the welding quality evaluation method under multi-factor parameters, and building a welding process expert system ●Leading pipeline welding robot technology development planning and execution, leading the team to carry out technical research, and quickly forming business capabilities ●Designing robot automatic control program through fuzzy control, adaptive control and so on, controlling motion control and offline programming of pipeline welding robot ●Development of embedded control system based on FPGA, DSP, ARM

Work experience: ●Have working experience in the fields of database development, machine learning, intelligent control, welding process automation and so on ●As the project leader or the top three to undertaken provincial or ministerial research projects or major horizontal research projects Collage & Educational requirements: ●2020 Times top 100 or domestic 985, 211, double first-class universities full-time doctoral degree. ●Associate researcher, senior engineer or associate professor or above Work ability requirements: ●Master basic skills related to the robot motion control system ●Have experience in technology development or project design for robotics and other related projects ●Have a strong spirit of unity and cooperation to able to lead the team to carry out high-level professional construction and talent training ●CET-6 and above, or equivalent level in other languages ●Proficiency in mechanical drawing and other design software Professional Certifications: ●Publishing new technical papers in authoritative magazines in the industry ●Award the second prize of the National Science and Technology Award or above are not subject to academic qualifications

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