Technical Expert on Acoustic Logging Technique

Employer:China National Logging Corporation(CNLC)

Number of recruits:1


Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Well logging

Remuneration:The annual salary is no less than 500 thousand RMB. Enjoying special scientific research awards in accordance with relevant regulations of CNPC and CNLC. Relocation fee is no less than 8,000 RMB per month. Enjoying the priority in applying for key projects of CNPC Corporate-level and national-level with the scientific research fund of no less than 5 million RMB. Enjoying the assistance in forming a company-level scientific research innovation team with no less than 8 people. Being equipped with corresponding scientific research laboratories and experimental equipment. Being hired as a council member of Shaanxi Petroleum Society.

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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: ●Guiding the simulated analysis of digital and physical models in acoustic logging instruments. ●Directing the technological development based on acoustic theory. ●Focusing on solving key technical problems such as sonic anti-jamming, energy-efficient sonic transducer, and numerical simulation.

Work experience: ●Expertise in acoustic theory and numerical simulation. ●Holding formal scientific research or teaching positions in world-renowned companies, universities, or scientific research institutions with experience in national and corporate key scientific research projects. Educational requirements: ●Doctorate. Work ability requirements: ●Basic Quality. Being patriotic and dedicated; Supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China and sticks to the right political direction; Having a strong sense of career ambition, responsibility, and team spirit; Being well conducted with a decent academic record; Being innovative with a scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts; Having good professional ethics. ●Industry Influence. Having achieved high-level scientific research results in related fields, and having published 2 or more EI/SCI papers. ●Ability of Undertaking Projects. Having the ability to independently undertake national-level, CNPC Corporate-level or company-level scientific research projects; Being able to lead and organize the design of major production projects or projects of a corresponding level; Being able to think strategically and make decisions; Having strong team spirit, organizational skills and management capability. Certificate of competency, Awards & Publications: ●Having published 2 or more EI/SCI papers.

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