Technical Expert of Intelligent HSE Risk Management and Control

Employer:CNPC Research Institute of Safety and Environmental Technology(RISE)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Information engineering


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Job responsibilities
●As the project leader, take charge of the technical construction of the petroleum and petrochemical field to effectively identify potential safety and environmental hazards and violations based on intelligent video analysis, with the ability to integrate technology research and development with market demand. ●As the technical leader, take charge of organizing the research and application of deep integration of big data and artificial intelligence with petroleum and petrochemical safety and environmental protection. ●As the R&D leader of the discipline, supervise the technical quality, technical level, and technical results of the entire life cycle of technical achievements in the discipline of intelligent HSE risk management and control.

Work Experience: ●Hold a title of senior engineer or above. Presided over or participated in large-scale informatization projects centered around artificial intelligence, with a deep background on artificial intelligence algorithms such as video intelligence analysis. Understand safety supervision operations and the needs of the petroleum and petrochemical field. Education Requirements: ●Doctoral degree in safety management/artificial intelligence or other related majors. Ability Requirements: ●Have the ability to independently undertake major scientific research and production projects, and have strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities and organizational management capabilities. Awards and publications: ●Have made core technological achievements with independent innovation. ●2 or more publications indexed by SCI/EI.

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