Welding Process Technical Expert

Employer:China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPP)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Langfang, Hebei, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Surface construction and oil & gas storage and transportation


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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: Key Accountabilities: ●Scientific Research Development Planning and Layout of Pipeline Welding Specialty ●Tracking the cutting-edge technology and setting up related topics of pipeline welding, leading the team to tackle key problems, and forming the transformation of engineering application results ●Relying on new technology and new process to take the lead in formulating and revising the national standards, industry standards, and corporate standards of pipeline welding technology and process ●New process development and engineering application of pipeline welding ●Assist the marketing and maintenance of pipeline welding technology and process

Work experience: ●5 or more years of experience in welding technology and process related engineering or research experience. ●As the project (subject) leader or main researcher to undertake above 5 provincial and ministerial-level projects related to the work content Educational requirement: ●2020 Times top 100 or domestic 985, 211, double first-class universities full-time doctoral degree. ●Associate researcher, senior engineer or associate professor or above Work ability requirements: ●Master welding metallurgy, welding power source, welding materials and other professional knowledge, understand the cutting-edge welding technology ●Have experience in the development of new welding technology, able to carry out the digestion, absorption and transformation of foreign advanced technology ●Familiar with the development trends of the welding industry, and have an in-depth understanding and research on the construction and welding construction of the pipeline industry ●CET-6 and above, or equivalent level in other languages ●Proficiency in the application of CAD, office and other design software Professional Certifications: ●Publishing new technical papers in authoritative magazines in the industry ●Win the second prize of the National Science and Technology Award or above are not subject to academic qualifications

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