R&D technical expert of edge-cutting cementing additives

Employer:CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd.(CPET)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Oil & gas well engineering


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Job responsibilities
●To lead the research of advanced cementing additives, intelligent novel materials, and intelligently adaptive cementing fluids with independent intellectual property rights and at world-leading levels. ●To focus on the research of characteristic cementing materials such as supramolecular self-assembly materials, ultra-high temperature cements crystal structure modified materials, extremely low temperature materials, and modified nano-micron materials.

●Has rich experience in cementing additive research, application of research results, commercial promotion of products, and intelligent new material research. ●Has served as a professor or senior technical expert in a well-known oilfield service company, science research institution, accredited university or college in China or abroad. ●Has presided over projects in relation to novel materials, systems, techniques and methodologies of cementing, or engaged in forward-looking, innovative and cutting-edge R&D tasks, with significant technical achievements applied in the field. ●Has obtained a Ph.D. degree. ●Candidates who have worked in well-known international oil companies or oilfield service companies for over 10 years are preferred.

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