Hydrogen Energy Technical Expert

Employer:China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.(CPP)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Langfang, Hebei, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:New energies


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Job responsibilities
●Responsible for industrial chain technology development planning and research related to hydrogen energy storage and transportation field. ●Lead the team to tackle key technical issues , complete the work arrangement quickly. ●Technical breakthrough, technical development and achievement transformation of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transmission and hydrogenation stations. ●Check and review the key technical problems of preliminary research, preliminary design and construction drawing design of projects related to hydrogen energy industry. ●Assist in hydrogen business market development and customer maintenance.

Work experience: ●Be familiar with the hydrogen energy industry and policies, master the development trends of the hydrogen energy industry, systematically study the technical route and development trend of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain in China. Have the research on the hydrogen energy industry planning or development strategy at or above the provincial level. ●Master the basic skills related to hydrogen energy preparation, storage, transmission and hydrogenation station, and have experience in technical development or project design of hydrogen production station, hydrogenation station, hydrogen transmission and other related projects. ●Skillfully use HYSYS software, SPSS or Synergi Gas or other hydraulic analysis software. ●More than 5 years of hydrogen energy related engineering or research experience. With the title of associate researcher, senior engineer or associate professor or above. ●The conditions can be relaxed for well-known experts or especially excellent experts in the field of hydrogen energy. Educational requirement: ●Thames ranked the top 100 universities in the world in 2020 or domestic 985, 211 and double first-class universities with full-time doctoral degree. Major: ●Energy chemical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, thermal and power engineering and other related majors. Language: ●CET-6 or above in English, or equivalent in other languages.

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