Fracturing Technology & Tools R&D Expert

Employer:CNPC Greatwall Drilling Co., Ltd.(GWDC)

Number of recruits:1

Location:Beijing, CHN

Academic degree requirement:Doctor degree

Area of expertise:Oil & gas field development


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Job responsibilities
Roles & Description: ●Accurately analyze the rock mechanical parameters of the reservoir, such as young's modulus, poisson's ratio, horizontal stress difference, maximum and minimum horizontal principal stress direction, stress difference coefficient, brittleness index and so on. ●Accurately construct 3D reservoir model to guide operation parameters such as the length of the fracturing section, the number of clusters, the quantity of sand, the intensity of sand addition, the amount of fluid, the intensity of fluid used, and the ratio of sand to fluid. ●Carry out special studies on shale oil and gas reservoir fracturing technology, tight oil and gas reservoir fracturing technology, marine continental transitional phase fracturing technology, carbon dioxide dry fracturing technology, online fracture monitoring, post-fracturing evaluation, and fracture distribution pattern. ●Carry out the structural design and development of intelligent sliding sleeves with temperature and pressure resistance of 150℃ and 70MPa, and soluble bridge plug. ●Can design testing equipment for fracturing technology and tools.

Work experience: ●Shall have served as a professor or senior professional in a world famous enterprise, higher educational institution or scientific research institute for three years or more, have undertaken a national key scientific research project, obtained academic achievements recognized by his/her peers at home and abroad, or have a high reputation or influence in the industry. School and Academic Requirements: ●Obtaining a Ph. D. degree of relevant professional background. Ability requirements: ●Mastering advanced technologies in the field and having strong scientific research capabilities and innovative and strategic thinking. Certificates, Awards and Dissertation Publication: ●None.

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