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Tuha Oilfield Company, a regional branch of CNPC, is a modern oilfield developed and constructed in accordance with the "two new and two high" policy under the background of the national oil development strategy of "stabilizing the east and developing the west" in the late 1980s. The oilfield exploration area, covering 42,000 square kilometers, is distributed in six basins, such as Turpan-Hami, Santanghu, Junggar, etc. The main production and living areas run across Turpan and Hami, which are rather than hot in summer and cold in winter, are one of the driest areas in China. 

Since the development and construction in February 1991, Tuha Oilfield has always kept in mind the lofty mission of oil contribution. Taking increasing reserves, production and raising efficiency as its responsibility, it has vigorously implemented three strategies of resources, low cost and innovation, and accumulated proven oil geological reserves of 587 million tons and natural gas reserves of 117.1 billion square. With the production of oil and gas equivalent of 83.67 million tons, Tuha Oilfield has made positive contributions to guarantee the national energy security and promote economic and social development. 

In the past 30 years, Tuha Oilfield has always adhered to the concept of securing energy supply and achieving harmony, continuously promoted enterprise core value, innovated practice, bravely broke through the forbidden area, so as to explore and form two theories of coal-derived hydrocarbon and superimposed basin exploration with Tuha characteristics, and 19 exploration and development and drilling and production engineering characteristic technology series such as ultra-deep heavy oil exploitation and tight oil benefit development. As the only gas lifting technology research and development base of CNPC, Tuha Oilfield won 3 national scientific and technological progress awards and 371 state-authorized patents. 


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