ABOUT PetroChina Company Limited Petrochemical Research Institute(PRI)

1. Brief Introduction of PRI

PetroChina Company Limited Petrochemical Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as PRI) is a directly affiliated refining and chemical research institute founded in June 2006 on the basis of the former refining and petrochemical technology research center of the company. It is the only directly affiliated research institute in the downstream of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CNPC).

PRI is headquartered in Beijing with 10 research laboratories, and has 2 branches which are Lanzhou Chemical Research Center and Daqing Chemical Research Center. It has 1 national key laboratory, 4 petrochemical industry key laboratories, 5 CNPC-level key laboratories, 5 CNPC-level test bases, 5 national-level technical institutions, and 6 CNPC-level technical institutions. 2 national core journals: "Synthetic Rubber Industry" and "Petrochemical Technology and Application" are edited and published by PRI. PRI possesses thousands of sets of instruments including D, ACE, TREF, NMR, 24-channel catalyst preparation device, and spherical-aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope. Besides conventional research facilities, PRI is also equipped with unique apparatus, such as hydrogenation catalysts evaluation test base (71 sets of devices), high-throughput catalyst preparation platform, FCC catalyst preparation and D-CPS evaluation device, 75 kg/h polypropylene pilot plant, 50 kg/h polyethylene pilot plant, etc. Currently, PRI has built 3 post-doctoral scientific research workstations, and has grown to 1101 employees, including 42 senior technical experts of CNPC, 46 professor-level senior engineers and 560 senior engineers, and 533 of the employees are holding master’s degree or above. The original value of PRI's fixed assets was nearly 2 billion yuan.

PRI is mainly engaged in the research and development of processes and catalysts in oil refining and petrochemical engineering, the development of synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and other new products, the development of technologies involved in hydrogen energy, biochemical engineering and new material, the development of technologies about energy saving and environmental protection in refining and petrochemical engineering, the standardization and quality inspection of the refining and petrochemical products, the investigation of the intellectual property rights and the scientific and technological information of the refining and petrochemical industry, and the cultivation of the scientific and technological talents of the industry. PRI has won 348 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards and 7 national scientific and technological awards, including 1 first prize and 6 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, and has led the drafting and revision of 7 ISO international standards and 116 national and industrial standards.

Entering the new era, PRI is striving to become a "world-class research institute". We know that first-class talents are the key to achieving a first-class research institute. We are eager and sincere to invite people of insight to join us. We have first-class working environment and a vigorous research team cultivated by the petroleum spirit of "Passion, Respecting, Truth-seeking and Dedication". Choosing PRI represents your trust upon us, which means you have entrusted the pursuit of life, career and ideals to PRI. We will fulfill our promise to provide you with a stage to display your talents and realize the value of life, and you can find a place to achieve your goals and obtain your reward, honor and dignity. Choose us and accomplish yourself.    

2. Contact Information

Please send your resume to the mailbox, with the subject of the email marked as "Name-Area of Expertise-High-level Talent".

Address: Petrochemical Research Institute, Block A42, China Petroleum Innovation Base, West of Xishatun Bridge, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing

Division: Human Resources Department, PetroChina Petrochemical Research Institute

Mail box: shyzp@petrochina.com.cn

Telephone: (010) 80165665

Contact: Mr. Li


Contact person: Mr. Li

Contact number: (010) 80165665

Email: shyzp@petrochina.com.cn

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