ABOUT China Petroleum Planning and Egineering Institute(CPPEI)

China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute (CPPEI) was established in 1978 as the General Planning and Design Institute of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry. In 1999, CNPC was restructured, and CPPEI, a research institute directly under CNPC, was established. In April 2021, according to the organizational system adjustment plan of CNPC,  CPPEI was integrated into its support and service sector.

Over the past 43 years since its establishment, CPPEI has always adhered to the philosophy of "strategic leadership, innovative thinking, problem orientation and pursuit of excellence", closely focusing on the national energy security and the major strategic needs of CNPC, giving full play to the role as a decision-making advisory. In recent years, CPPEI has completed multiple major state-level projects, including medium-to-long term plan of the energy industry, systematic reform in oil and gas industry, “the Belt and Road” policy associated oil and gas cooperation, construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system, and the four major energy strategic channels, resulting in a number of high-quality  "nationwide leading, effective and influential " achievements. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we ran an average of 1055 projects per year, maintained A-class performance assessment for eight consecutive years, won 134 national and provincial awards in the past ten years, and obtained 310 intellectual property rights.

After years of development, CPPEI has established a professional and technical system covering the whole industrial chain of oil and gas business. It is the only comprehensive research institute in the national oil industry that can undertake the planning, research and consulting services of the whole industrial chain of oil and gas business. At present, CPPEI has 12 business research institutes (centers), 2 key laboratories of CNPC, 4 research centers of CNPC and 3 business research centers of professional companies, which undertake the work of 3 secretariats of Technical Committees. CPPEI has 450 employees, including 16 chief technical experts and 23 technical experts. More than 60% of the employees have vice-senior titles and more than 70% have master's degrees.

At the new stage of its development, adhering to the spirit of "innovation, truth-seeking, service and dedication", CPPEI is ready to implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, grasp firmly the trend of green, low carbon, digital and intelligent development, strive to be a good decision-making advisory and technical support for CNPC, and become the most reliable supportive institute of CNPC.


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