ABOUT China National Logging Corporation(CNLC)

China National Logging Corporation (CNLC) was established in December 2002 and registered in Beijing and Xi'an. The company, mainly engaging in logging technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, engineering technical services, geological research and other businesses, is a professional logging technology company wholly-owned by China National Petroleum Corporation.

The company has 12 institutes including the General Research Institute of Logging Technology (Beijing) and its branch in Xi'an, the Research Institute of Geology (Xi'an), the Research Institute of Perforation Technology (Chongqing), and the Research Institute of Rotational Steering (Beijing). The company has established a complete research and development innovation chain based on scientific and technological innovation platforms such as rock physics experiment, instrument performance simulation and design, electromagnetic and mechanical simulation of instrument, digital processing of instrument and machinery, instrument adjustment and testing, software development, interpretation database, etc. More than 300 sets of infrastructure, such as facilities for high-pressure and high temperature tests, calibrated wells, standard wells, and large-scale scientific research equipment were installed for support. The company has carried out international cooperation through the Logging Research Department of Houston Research Center, cooperated with more than 40 domestic universities and research institutes for technical research and application, and established academician workstations and post-doctoral innovation bases, which strongly support the continuous innovation and technological progress of logging technology. The CPLog system, a world-class logging system with completely independent intellectual property rights, was developed. By far, it has promoted 21,000 downhole tools in total with over 90% of localized parts and components. To date, the CPLog system has been sold to Russia, Canada and other countries. The perforating equipment has been sold to 22 countries including the United States, Turkmenistan and Thailand. The company has successively received not only national recognition for strategic new products and key new products, but also CNPC’s recognition for 21 independent innovation products. Additionally, the company has won 68 ministerial and provincial-level science and technology awards, 1061 authorized patents (including 344 invention patents), 122 software copyright registrations, 5 registered trademarks, 13 industry standards, and 8 enterprise standards of China National Petroleum Corporation. The company established a scientific research team with outstanding comprehensive technical strength, which includes 71 people with doctoral degree and 822 people with master degree. Among those personnel, 48 people have senior professional titles, 1919 people have associated senior professional titles, and 17 people enjoy the special government allowances from the State Council.

The company is committed to the mission of “providing supportive services for oil and gas exploration and development” by means of deeply implementing the new development paradigm and integrating into the new development pattern. Six strategies - market orientation, innovation-driven development, lean management, enterprise with capable personnel, digital transformation and international development, are carried out to promote the modernization of enterprise governance system and governance capabilities, and we strive to build the CNLC brand, and to fulfill the responsibility of ensuring national energy security.


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