ABOUT CNPC Greatwall Drilling Co., Ltd.(GWDC)

CNPC Greatwall Drilling Co., Ltd. (GWDC), founded in February 2008, is a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, specializing in petroleum engineering and technical services. The company positions itself as a globalized general contractor in petroleum engineering and technical services. GWDC is a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), and has obtained certifications in National High-tech Enterprises, the environmental management system ( ISO 14001:2015), the occupational health and safety management system (ISO 45001:2018) and the quality management system (ISO 9001:2015).  The company has also been awarded with foreign economic and trade rights and foreign economic and technological operation rights and has the capability in dealing with Chinese domestic and international engineering and technical services.

GWDC currently has approximately in total of 21,000 Chinese and international employees and more than 1,200 technical service teams. The total personnel is composed of 8,644 professional technical staff, including 1,357 engineers with associate senior title and above, 844 people with a masters and doctors degree, and 52 technical experts with a middle level and above ranking.

GWDC is a highly internationalized company with its businesses presently covered in 26 countries in South America, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. At the same time, it provides services to more than 130 clients globally. The company’s domestic businesses focus in places such as Liaohe, Changqing, Qinghai, and Xinjiang Oilfields, with its work force distributed in 17 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions. Its three core businesses are already in shape, i.e. drilling and workover, wellbore technical services, and IPM. Its business scope covers various processes of petroleum engineering and technical services, ranging from geological exploration, drilling, well logging, logging, to down-hole activities, etc and extends to early stage geological research of oil and gas fields, exploration and development plan design, natural gas (CBM and shale gas) development, geothermal development, oilfield production management, etc. It can provide the integrated contracting in petroleum engineering and technical services.

GWDC established a technical support system, which consists of Engineering Research Institute and Oil Reservoir Geology Research Center as its major bodies and the technology promotion center, Research Institute and the labs of the subsidiaries as the R&D supporting units. In July, 2021, CPTEC setup the Workover & Side Tracking Technical Center and Fracturing Fluid Sub Technical Center at GWDC; three technical expert centers of drilling engineering, geology and oil recovery and downhole fracturing, four test bases and four laboratories have been established; research and design software for geology reservoir, drilling, oil production, fracturing have been installed; a series of advantageous and featured technologies including multilateral well drilling and completion, underbalanced drilling (UBD),  mud logging  & wellsite information service, high temperature/pressure well testing, low permeability gas reservoir development, and heavy oil reservoir development have been developed.

GWDC integrated a complete petroleum engineering technical equipment capacity, and developed and introduced successively high-end equipment, such as all-hydraulic operated rig, gas drilling equipment, directional drilling equipment, LWD, coiled tubing unit,  6000 horse power fracturing fleet, advanced well cementing equipment. All these equipment have greatly improved the technical level of overall equipment of each business, and went well with the needs of oil and gas exploration and development under various complexed conditions around the world.

Since 2008, the company has undertaken 13 national research projects, 73 provincial and ministerial projects. It was awarded a 1st-place prize in national scientific and technological progress, a 2nd-place prize in national scientific and technological progress. It also has 103 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards and 1375 national authorized patents.  The development of science and technology provides significant contribution to the rise of China's petroleum engineering technology in high-end markets both at the national level and overseas.


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