ABOUT Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC.,China National Petroleum Corporation(BGP INC)

Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNPC. It was established through the reorganization of the original Bureau of Geophysical Exploration and six geophysical acquisition departments from oilfield companies of CNPC in December 2002. BGP has 29010 employees, including 2,006 with Ph.D. and master’s degrees. The company is mainly engaged in technical services associated with geophysical exploration of oil and gas, using geophysical and geochemical exploration methods to understand the subsurface geological structure, to find oil and gas reservoirs, and to provide suggestions for drilling locations. BGP has developed comprehensive technical service capability covering onshore and offshore production, processing and interpretation, reservoir exploitation software and geophysical exploration software development, equipment manufacturing, and information services. As a core member of the National Enterprise Technology Center and IAGC, the company directly participates in formulating the regulations of global geophysical industry. BGP’s domestic market covers 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China, providing technical services for more than 20 oil and gas fields. The international market mainly covers 73 countries from 5 continents of the world, providing technical services for more than 270 oilfield companies. The company's revenue has remained the highest in the geophysical exploration industry all over the world for four consecutive years.


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